Designing Your Site

R. Lee Royer and Associates can take your property from raw land to a finished development. We will help you plan and design your residential, commercial, or industrial site. We have the ability to help you design your land to suit your needs, while adhering to all government regulations.

From community development to planned communities, R. Lee Royer & Associates in Waynesboro, PA, assists with land development for numerous projects and purposes. We handle everything from residential, commercial, and industrial planning jobs. This includes designing neighborhoods, E&S design, NPDES permits, storm water, sewer and water design, and land grading.

Over the course of our career, our land development services have led to the creation of top-quality communities and commercial centers. We have an impressive portfolio as a land developer that includes homes, community amenities, schools, hospitals, parks, and many more.

Additionally, our company will work with you hand in hand to obtain a final design of your land that is the highest and best use of your property; and, a design that everyone involved will be proud to have been a part of. Your ideas are critical to us and we will work with you to obtain the best end result.

Our services have enhanced the business capabilities of investors, builders, agents, and brokers. We have consistently contributed our knowledge and expertise to the real estate industry. Our prices remain competitive and fair while our services are truly unmatched. We use our updated technology and the latest methods for an economical solution to your land concerns.

Contact us today at 717-762-5619 for more information about our planning and land development services.